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We are a European producer of integrated photovoltaic roofs and steel gutters. The solutions we offer actively use roof and facade surfaces of buildings to generate ecological electricity.

The RAIKO brand has been present on the market since 1989, and since 2021 the company has been listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

Renewable energy sources arean investment thanks to which you earn in the most modern style, while taking care of the environment. Your family is safe and you gain together with us. Our constant development, self-improvement, as well as the selection of the best components and business partners are the guarantee of our common success.


Cu (In, Ga) Se2 (CIGS) solar cellsarean ultra-modern thin-film technology, which in 2019 achieved a record laboratory efficiency of 23.4%. The silicon-free solution is characterized by low sensitivity to shading and very high performance in harsh weather conditions.


E-ROOF is a combination of high-quality standing seam roofing with built-in solar mats that makeup elegant looking solarpanels. It is a perfect alternative to the widely known modular photovoltaic installations. Anaesthetic, modern roof, which – thanks to the technology used – uses solar energy is the future on the renewable energy market, which is becoming a reality today.


Install high generating per capacity unit area of available roof

Generally able to take the form of building envelope and not break / crack.
Avoids disproportionate loss of output when shaded. Built in redundancy for cell connections improves factor or safety by design in the event of cell disconnect.
Reduced risk of degradation over the years.
Avoids adverse wind effects & need for ballasting on flat membrane roofs.
Transferable end client warranty.
Faster energy & carbon payback.
Consistent quality & assured performance warranty.
Saving on material & cost of installation.
Install high generating per capacity unit area of available roof
Longer period of generation, hence superior yield per capacity installed.
Superior self-cleaning, minimise glare & enhance light capture & generation.
Avoids damaging micro-climate of substrate & vermin infestation.
Vandal & theft resistant.
Eliminates additional loss of heat & risk of condensation.
Savings on cost of installation & time on-site.
Easy installation, reduced time on-site.
PV & Accessories are discreet. Does not spoil aesthetics of building form. Cables can be built into the roof which avoids the need for cable trays etc.



  • easy to install; thanks to prefabricated panels, roofing works will not be complicated
  • extremely flexible
  • could be mounted on a roof of any shape
  • resistant to extreme weather conditions
  • stiff and stable
  • 0.6 cm thickness of the panelsensure resistance to deformations caused by undulations
  • eco-friendly: our roofs are made of the Swedish Greencoat SSAB steel, in which the varnish coatings are mixed with vegetable oils instead of industrial oils



  • extremely stiff
  • durable, eliminates a risk of surface waviness after snapping it
  • perfect for roofs with a low inclination angle
  • safe to mount, carry and use
  • very good-looking and elegant
  • exceptionally high seam
  • eco-friendly: our roofs are made of the Swedish Greencoat SSAB steel, in which the varnish coatings are mixed with vegetable oils instead of industrial oils


A sheet metal roofisup to 20 times lighter than other solutions. At the same time it is so durable that it doesn’t require any additional reinforcements. It is installed easily and quickly, minimizing the cost of a roofing work.
The use of roofing sheets and accessories is a profitable investment, influenced also by savings in construction of a foundation, walls, roof structure and the covering it self – with accessories and setup.
Shading a part of the mat doesn’t affect the efficiency of the entire installation. There is no need to install neither microinverters nor power optimizers as it is in case with standard modules. Up to 125W of clean energy can be produced on a single square meter of the roof!
Roof sheets can also be installed on old roofings with a weakened structure. The steel sheet is fully recyclable.
A well-mounted metal roofing providesan excellent protection from breaking during whirlwinds. Invisible connections between sheets prevents individual elements from tearing off. You also don’t have to worry that a module will be broken or damaged during a setup of extreme weather events. Moreover, in a comparison of traditional panels, RAIKO ENERGY ROOF mutes the interior of your house.
We don’t compromise between effect and performance. RAIKO ENERGY ROOF will decorate your house. It is not only effective, but also very good-looking. There fore we give it not only a life time functional guarantee, but also a 20-years guarantee for anintense color. DURABILITY Sheet metal roofing is one of the most airtight so you can perform technical inspections of the substructure elements and the initial covering layer less frequently. We are completely confident of the highest quality of the product – this is why we provide a life time warranty on our roofing materials and a 20-years color warranty. In a field of photovoltaics, we will guarantee 10 years of atleast 90% efficiency of the installed solution and 25 years of atleast 80%
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CiGS technology
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Some of the technological advantages of CIGS panelsare:

CIGS efficiency does not decrease as quickly as silicon panels when in high temperatures – making it ideal for installation in the fast-growing solar markets. Coupled with superior performance in diffuse light conditions, CIGS PV remains a high yield technology even in less than ideal environments (adaptability to weather conditions).

A tunable bandgap allows the possibility of tandem CIGS devices.

This direct – bandgap material can absorb a significant portion of the solar spectrum, enabling it to achieve the highest efficiency of any thin – film technology.

The grain boundaries form an inherent buffer layer, preventing surface recombination and allowing for films with grain sizes of less than 1 micrometer to be used in device fabrication.
CIGS also doesn’t degrade in sunlight like other thin -film technologies.

Technology CIGS VS Crystalline solar

  CIGS SOLAR Crystaline Solar
Yearly Yield
10% Shadowseffect
Reduce the production with around 10-20%
Reduce the production with Around 60-80%
Uses significantly less Energy to produce than crystaline
Uses a lot of Energy during the production phase
Elements usage
Copper Indium Gallium and Selenide
Based on Silicium
Very flexibel modules availible
Only semi flexible, due to the wafer build
Micro cracks
You will have to penetrate the module to make cracks… which then might not be micro….
Due to the wafer build, the crystalline module are vulnerable to micro cracks which will decrease efficiency and might in extremecasescoursefire
Due to the “powder” buildup, there is no wafers to crack or damage
Wafers don’t like transportation (vibrations in boats and cars) or pressure (from Snow and wind)
Same on moving and non moving installations
Wafersbreak/crack on moving installations (boats/cars/etc.) and the output deteriate much faster than on non moving installations
Temperature impact
Power production decline approx. 0,3% per degree Celsius the temperature raises
Power production decline approx. 0,6% per degree Celcius the temperature raises
Effeciency (summer 2020)
up to 19%
Up to 23%
down to 2,9 kg/m2
down to 5,5 kg/m2
Typically warranty
5 or 10 years workmanship. 25 years power loss
3 or 10 years workmanship. 25 years power loss
Typically black, but can be produced in all colors and even transparent
Black for Mono crystalline and blueish for polycrystalline

Ultra energy-efficient house for the whole family in 3 months for €120 thousand gross.

In cooperation with our partner we offer you the most modern and highly energy-efficient house E-HOUSE by RAIKO. The shape, layout, materials and surface have been selected so that the house is the cheapest to build and at the same time looks very modern, meets the requirements of even a large family and is energy efficient and even self-sufficient.

An unquestionable innovation of the project is the use of an integrated photovoltaic roof E-ROOF by RAIKO in CIGS technology, in 9.5 KW and 4m7 KW versions (depending on the location of the house relative to the world). 

Basic versions of E-HOUSE:

Ultra short construction time - 3 months

E-HOUSE is manufactured in the factory of our partner. The elements of the house are delivered to the construction site and joined together. The house is finished to a developer state. The total construction process does not exceed 3 months.  We support the client at every stage of cooperation: from planning permission, through project adaptation to the individual needs of the client, to construction and connection of the photovoltaic installation to the grid.

Stable and durable construction under the building. The foundation slab protects against moisture and the effects of ground settlement.
Additionally insulated with styrene foam
The construction is based on high-grade Swedish solid wood: a material extremely strong, durable, resilient, while resistant to changing weather conditions.
E-ROOF is a modern standing seam roofing system combined with integrated CIGS solar cells.
A recuperator (heat recovery ventilation unit) is a device that heats the incoming air with warm air extracted from inside the building.



Devices that convert electrical energy into thermal energy in the form of infrared radiation were used.
 Allergy-friendly solution




Assistance in obtaining financing and subsidies

Free energy
demand audit

Preparation of a complete set of documentation for an energy company

Technical consultancy
Design support

You can count on our help!

We help with the entire process, from design through implementation to commissioning of the installation.


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